Ten Reasons to Invest in The BizDoc Software


1. COST: A lawyer can charge more than the cost of the BizDoc Software to draft just one resolution. The cost per document in the Standard and Pro versions is less than a dollar and it's only $1.06 for the Premier version.  Premier includes the ability to organize internal and external documents and save documents and document links to the database for quick retrieval.

2. THE IRS: One of the first things the IRS will do in an audit of a corporation or LLC will be to ask for the company's record book to determine whether meetings were held properly and resolutions were developed documenting the decisions of directors or managers and shareholders or members. The BizDoc Software quickly takes care of these formalities.

3. INVESTORS: When investors are looking to buy or invest in a corporation, or LLC, they may ask to see the corporate or LLC record book.  After all it only makes sense to not invest in a business that could have its corporate or LLC status revoked.  The BizDoc software creates the documents that are needed for a corporate or LLC record book.

4. GOING PUBLIC: If the corporation or LLC goes public, investment bankers will want to see the record book. The BizDoc software produces beautifully formatted, professional documents that will impress any investment banker.

5. IT’S THE LAW: In nearly all states, territories, and Canadian provinces, maintaining a corporate or LLC records book is required by law.

6. IT’S A DATABASE: The BizDoc software is not just a set of templates. It’s an extensive database that stores information and the data is automatically inserted into documents. 

7. SCOPE: In several versions of the software hundreds of companies and thousands of personnel, meetings and attendance, owner transactions, and documents can be stored in the database. This results in little or no duplication of data. Documents, owners or members, officers, directors or managers, professional contacts, equity transactions, and more can be quickly found in one application.

8. PRIVACY & SECURITY: Corporate and LLC documents are not stored on the Internet or beyond your immediate access. Data files are separate from program files so data can be backed-up and stored in a secure location. BizDoc is local area network (LAN) compatible.

9. EASY TO USE: All of the data in BizDoc can be accessed from just one navigation toolbar.  On-line Help is available from every form. Web tutorial movies that describe nearly all of the features are easily accessible.  

10. THERE’S NO RISK:  Try out the software with six trial uses before purchasing with no risk. We are confident you will see its incredible value.