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"We are a small business with limited time for important things like corporate minutes and structure updates. BizDoc Software allowed us to get 10 years of scattered transaction records organized with easy access, and keeps us up to date. We love the stock register and stock generation feature. It's a great product and I highly recommend it. " Fred Lamothe, President - Virginville Lens Company DBA Surplus Shed Blandon, Pennsylvania


"Before being introduced to the “BizDoc Software” I couldn’t get a handle on all the paperwork and required filings required to keep my company in compliance. The software is just what I was looking for. I now have the piece of mind that comes with knowing my company is in compliance. The customer service and technical support are great as well." Cliff Matican, President - Sunland Custom Homes, Inc. Flaggstaff, Arizona


"Simply stated, my companies continue to rely on the BizDoc Software to bring together all the pieces required of a registered corporation. From the BizDoc Software we are able to have one unifying database of information in an interface that is understandable and easy to maintain. Little is required to gain so much valuable output from a software package that has all the bells and whistles wanted in a unique and specific software package aimed at the requirements a corporation has to maintain. Everything from the board of director's minutes and resolutions to company stock issuances to checklists of state and federal requirements. The BizDoc Software is a software package my companies continue to appreciate for its design, function, feedback, and follow-through. We truly thank BizDoc for filling a niche need." Mr. Peter M. Whipple - Chief Operations Officer - Wipple International Terrain, Inc. Kapa’a, Kaua’I, Hawai’I


"BizDoc Software has taken a big weight off my shoulders. As a small businessman it is difficult to remember all the loose ends, "to-do's" and corporate requirements. BizDoc Software makes difficult things easy. No more worrying about whether I am complying correctly with company record keeping. BizDoc keeps me out of trouble. Even though I am a novice at this easy-to-use software, I can't see a time in the future when I would ever outgrow BizDoc Software. About the time I think of a new need, a new version of BizDoc comes out and includes that, plus new upgrades and features at no additional cost. Thanks BizDoc Software for making part of my job as President and CEO easier." Gary Parks - Brick Wall, Inc. Las Vegas, Nevada


"As a new business owner, I can't put a price on the piece of mind I have with the BizDoc Software. It has taken all the guesswork out of making sure my business is in compliance." Thomas Cole III, Partner - Winston Lea Properties, LLC Atlanta , Georgia


"I have been evaluating the BizDoc Software for several weeks now. I am very impressed with it's features and ease of use. The other two programs I tried did not have the ability to edit or customize the meeting minutes and resolutions. The money I save in attorney fees will quickly pay for the software. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their own corporate record book." Jon Grey, President - Grey and Associates, Inc. Las Vegas, Nevada


"Your BizDoc Software has saved so much time. Before I came across your website, I was trying to handle the corporate records for three different companies. Keeping track of the different boards, minutes, meetings and resolutions as well as employees was overwhelming. Now I simply enter the information once and it is all right there to be included in any document. The Board of Directors of each corporation is very pleased with the professional appearance and the continuity of the records produced using your software." K.L. Campbell - Executive Vice President - Blue Majestic International, Inc. Dallas