User Manual



The application creates and maintains documents required to conduct business as a legitimate corporation or LLC. It can be used for a single company, a business service provider generating documentation for an unlimited number of businesses, or anything in between. Documents include, but are not limited to, shareholder and director meeting minutes and resolutions documenting decisions governing the actions of officers.

Documentation can be time consuming and difficult. The purpose of this software is to:

  1. reduce the amount of time needed,
  2. simplify the creation process,
  3. provide quality documentation,
  4. provide an electronic stock register, and
  5. make an otherwise tedious task, somewhat enjoyable.

Where to Start

This Help file provides detailed instructions on setting up and maintaining the database and creating documents. Start by reading the disclaimer. Then do the tutorial that follows. The tutorial will lead you through the entire process of creating and maintaining documents. An automated to-do list for the 'Initial Setup' is provided in the 'To Do List' under 'Tools and Help' on the Navigation Toolbar.