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Access any part of the application from the navigation toolbar.



Company information is stored in the Company Profile

• Tracks up to three companies.
• Enter reoccurring data only once.
• Company information is inserted automatically into reports and documents
• Hyperlink to business credit agencies.
• Email links to company headquarters.
• Hyperlink to the Business License form.
• Use the forms navigation toolbar to move between companies.
• Hyperlink to SIC code resources and secretaries of state.


Company Profile

Track Business Licenses

• Business licenses are tracked for each company.
• Select a company on the Company Profile and click the Business Licenses button.


Business Licenses

  The People Profile links people records to company records

• Data is entered only once no matter how many companies each person is associated with.
• Automatically insert people related data into documents and reports.
• Maintain personnel information in one place.
• Send email to individuals from within the application.
• Use the forms navigation toolbar to move between the names of people.


People Profile

 Titles and Responsibilities

This form links the roles of people to people records within each company.  Data is automatically inserted into documents. (For example, when the secretary, or equivalent in an LLC or other type of business entity, is marked, the person's name, the office of 'Secretary', and a signature line appear at the bottom of many documents.)


Titles & Responsibilities

Group Owners

Data for groups of people and companies that that have ownership is entered here.  The groups appear on the Owner Register where the number of shares/units of ownership are entered.   Ownership then appears in documents and reports.


Owner Register

The Premier version of the Owner Register contains a list of people associated with the selected company from the Company Profile.  Group owners associated with each company comes from the Group Owner form.  All of the companies from the Company Profile are included.  Move between lists using the Type of Owners radio buttons.  Types of ownership and whether they include voting rights is easily modified.  After the number of shares/units of ownership is entered, names of owners and amount of ownership are included in documents. The amount of ownership is static in Premier.  Corporate and Enterprise include an owner register that tracks owner transactions.



Press the 'Meetings' icon on the Navigation toolbar and this Meetings menu appears.


Meeting Menu

Director, Officer, Employee, and Other Meeting Records

• Meetings are categorized as General, Annual, Special, and First.
• Minutes, notices, waivers, proxies, and resolutions are generated on the Create Documents form.
• Includes Officer, Employee, and Other Meetings, and corresponding Committee Meetings.
• Data is automatically inserted into documents.


Director or Manager Meetings

Owner/Member Meeting

• Owner Meetings are categorized as Annual, Special, or First.
• Owner committee meetings are also tracked.
• Minutes, notices, proxies, and wavers are generated in Create Documents.
• Owner attendance is tracked.

prem-ownermtgOwner Meetings


The Resources form contains information for the Resident Agent, Attorney, Accountant, Realtor, Banker, and Broker.

• Resources contains information for the Resident Agent, Attorney, Accountant, Realtor, Banker, and Broker that represent the company.
• Data is automatically inserted into reports and documents.
• Resource records are maintained in one location where they can be quickly accessed.


Web Resources

First select the name of a state, territory, or province from the pull-down list.  Then select the specific website for that governmental entity, for example New York Corporate Law, Company Forms, etc.


 Web Tutorial Movies


Create Documents

• Automatically generate, save, and print documents that fulfill legal requirements.

• The Create Documents form lists titles based on the type of business entity selected on the Company Profile. For example, if the company is identified as an LLC then documents appear on the Create Documents form for an LLC.
Click here to see the titles of the documents in this version.

prem-createdocsCreate Documents


• Data from the database appears as answers to questions.  Answers can be changed before the document appears in the word processor, where it can be further edited.   The document can be saved to the database, printed, or saved to an external file.


Word Processor and Sample Document

Saved Documents

Documents created within the BizDoc application can be saved to the database and retrieved later.  External documents can be linked so that titles appear in the same list.  Just double click the title of either internal or external documents to open them in a word processor.

Documents are organized by company and displayed in the order they were created. Clicking a company tab at the top of the form displays all of the documents saved for that company. Saved documents can be modified, saved to the database with a different title, printed, or saved externally in an RTF file format.  Documents can be organized according to user defined categories.

prem-saveddocsSaved Documents

To test BizDoc Premier, just press the button below to download a two day free trial.  If you decide to purchase, return here and press a 'Buy Now' button.  After purchase, you will receive an email with a key for the Premier version.  You don't need to uninstall and reinstall the software.  Data entered during the trial period will remain after the trial.

If you don't need a trial, just press the 'Buy Now' button to purchase the Premier Version and an unlimited use key will be emailed to you.

Minimum System Requirements

"BizDoc Premier Version"

There are four other versions of the software, each contains the features of the prior version and more.  The Standard version contains 50 general business documents and holds information for one company.  The Pro version includes 95+ business documents and it can hold information for two companies.  The Premier version includes 200+ documents and it can save and organize documents. Premier is primarily for companies that do not trade ownership.  It can hold information for three companies on two computers.  The Corporate version contains an extensive owner register (not the register in the Premier version) and can hold information for 10 companies on three computers.  The Enterprise version can hold information for 25 companies on four computers. Corporate and Enterprise each contain 200+ documents.   All versions are Local Area Network (LAN) compatible.

BizDoc is a Windows application and not Mac compatible. A web version is under development that will run on most platforms.

Owner Login

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