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 (Note: The primary difference between Standard and Pro is the number of documents.)

Access any part of the application quickly from a simple navigation toolbar.



  Company information is stored in the Company Profile

• Tracks up to two companies.
• Enter reoccurring data only once
• Company information is inserted automatically into reports and documents
• Hyperlink to business credit agencies
• Email to company headquarters
• Hyperlink to SIC code resources and secretaries of state


Company Profile

The People Profile links people records to company records.

• Data is entered only once no matter how many companies each person is associated with.
• Automatically insert people related data into documents and reports.
• Maintain personnel information in one place.
• Send email to individuals from within the application.


People Profile

 Titles and Responsibilities links roles to each person's record within each company.

Data is automatically inserted into documents. (For example, when the corporate secretary, or equivalent in an LLC or other type of business entity, is indicated, the person's name, the office of 'Secretary', and a signature line appear at the bottom of many documents.)


Titles & Responsibilities


• Resources contains information for the Resident Agent, Attorney, Accountant, Realtor, Banker, and Broker that represent the company.
• Data is automatically inserted into reports and documents.



 Create Documents

• Data is automatically inserted into reports and documents
•  The list  on the Create Documents form contains 90+ general business documents.
Click here to see a list of the documents in the Pro version.


Create Documents


Answers to Questions Auto-fill from Database but Remain Editable.


Word Processor with Answers Inserted in Document that Remains Editable.

To test BizDoc Pro, just press the button below to download a one day free trial.  If you decide to purchase, return here and press a 'Buy Now' button.  After purchase, you will receive an email with a key for the Pro version.  You don't need to uninstall and reinstall the software.  Data entered during the trial period will remain after the trial.

If you don't need a trial, just press the 'Buy Now' button to purchase the Pro Version and an unlimited use key will be emailed to you.

Minimum System Requirements

"BizDoc Pro Version"

There are four other versions of the software, each contains the features of the prior version and more.  The Standard version contains 50 general business documents and holds information for one company.  The Pro version includes 95+ business documents and it can hold information for two companies.  The Premier version includes 200+ documents and it can save and organize documents. Premier is primarily for companies that do not trade ownership.  It can hold information for three companies on two computers.  The Corporate version contains an extensive owner register (not the register in the Premier version) and can hold information for 10 companies on three computers.  The Enterprise version can hold information for 25 companies on four computers. Corporate and Enterprise each contain 200+ documents.   All versions are Local Area Network (LAN) compatible.

“Now There’s a Software Program Virtually Guaranteed to Maintain the Separation Between You and Your Corporation or LLC…”

Trying to keep track of complicated corporate records? Just fill in a few blanks in the BizDoc Software… And your documentation is automatically taken care of!

•It will change the way you think about corporate record keeping forever!

•No more paying expensive lawyer fees!

•Not just a bunch of templates!

•Not just another software program!

•Data from the BizDoc database is automatically inserted into documents!

•More than 100 documents that address legal formalities including:

“Keep Reading to Find Out How to Receive

Your Risk-Free Version”

If you are an owner or operator of a business and are not using the BizDoc Software, your personal assets could be at risk! Read on to find out why the BizDoc Software was created to help protect you and your company and how you can receive a risk-free trial today.

Read Why Our Customers Believe the BizDoc Software is an Essential Tool for Protecting Their Personal Assets in the Event of Any Kind of Lawsuit or Audit…

We are a small business with limited time for important things like corporate minutes and structure updates. BizDoc Software allowed us to get 10 years of scattered transaction records organized with easy access, and keeps us up to date. We love the stock register and stock generation feature. It’s a great product and I highly recommend it.

Fred Lamothe, President – Virginville Lens Company DBA Surplus Shed Blandon, Pennsylvania


“Before being introduced to the “BizDoc Software” I couldn’t get a handle on all the paperwork and required filings required to keep my company in compliance. The software is just what I was looking for. I now have the piece of mind that comes with knowing my company is in compliance. The customer service and technical support are great as well.

Cliff Matican, President – Sunland Custom Homes, Inc. Flaggstaff, Arizona


“Simply stated, my companies continue to rely on the BizDoc Software to bring together all the pieces required of a registered corporation. From the BizDoc Software we are able to have one unifying database of information in an interface that is understandable and easy to maintain. Little is required to gain so much valuable output from a software package that has all the bells and whistles wanted in a unique and specific software package aimed at the requirements a corporation has to maintain. Everything from the board of director’s minutes and resolutions to company stock issuances to checklists of state and federal requirements. The BizDoc Software is a software package my companies continue to appreciate for its design, function, feedback, and follow-through. We truly thank BizDoc for filling a niche need.

Mr. Peter M. Whipple – Chief Operations Officer – Wipple International Terrain, Inc. Kapa’a, Kaua’I, Hawai’I


“BizDoc Software has taken a big weight off my shoulders. As a small businessman it is difficult to remember all the loose ends, “to-do’s” and corporate requirements. BizDoc Software makes difficult things easy. No more worrying about whether I am complying correctly with company record keeping. CMS keeps me out of trouble. Even though I am a novice at this easy-to-use software, I can’t see a time in the future when I would ever outgrow BizDoc Software. About the time I think of a new need, a new version of CMS comes out and includes that, plus new upgrades and features at no additional cost. Thanks BizDoc Software for making part of my job as President and CEO easier.

Gary Parks – Brick Wall, Inc. Las Vegas, Nevada


“As a new business owner, I can’t put a price on the piece of mind I have with the BizDoc Software. It has taken all the guesswork out of making sure my business is in compliance.

Thomas Cole III, Partner – Winston Lea Properties, LLC Atlanta , Georgia


“I have been evaluating the BizDoc Software for several weeks now. I am very impressed with it’s features and ease of use. The other two programs I tried did not have the ability to edit or customize the meeting minutes and resolutions. The money I save in attorney fees will quickly pay for the software. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their own corporate record book.

Jon Grey, President – Grey and Associates, Inc. Las Vegas, Nevada


“Your BizDoc Software has saved so much time. Before I came across your website, I was trying to handle the corporate records for three different companies. Keeping track of the different boards, minutes, meetings and resolutions as well as employees was overwhelming. Now I simply enter the information once and it is all right there to be included in any document. The Board of Directors of each corporation is very pleased with the professional appearance and the continuity of the records produced using your software.

K.L. Campbell – Executive Vice President – Blue Majestic International, Inc. Dallas

Why Maintaining Corporate Formalities Is So Important

If you are operating your business as a Corporation or Limited Liability Company you have made a good decision. There are several benefits to operating your business as one of these sheltered entities.


Advantages of Corporations and LLC’s:

•Asset Protection

•Liability Protection

•Tax Savings

•Financial Privacy

•Business Image

•Ability to Attract Investors

•Potentially Lower Tax Audit Rates

•Separate Legal Entity from You

•Adds Credibility

•A Broad Range of Powers

•Separate Liability for Corporate Debts

•Can Have a Separate Business Credit Profile

•Corporations have a Perpetual Existence

•Easier Access to Capital

•Easier Transfer of Ownership


What are the disadvantages?

Before the BizDoc Software, most experts would have told you only one:

•Keeping Business Formalities Up to Date.

However, with the BizDoc Software you now have a Powerful, Fun and Easy to Use software program that will walk you through all areas and elements of maintaining the proper Corporate Formalities.


Why Worry About Keeping Corporate Formalities?


Two Reasons:



Every state in America has laws, “State Revised Statutes”, that spell out exactly what a corporation or LLC must do to maintain the “Corporate Veil”. A “Corporate Veil” is the layer of protection that separates the individuals involved in the business from the entity itself.


The “Corporate Veil” is easily pierced when proper Corporate Formalities are not kept.

•Such as having annual meetings and documenting the meeting.

•Keeping track of activities of the company with Corporate Resolutions.

•Issuing Corporate Shares (Stock) to Shareholders.

•Maintaining a Separate Bank Account.

•Keeping All Records and Licenses Up-To-Date.


The BizDoc Software will assist you with maintaining all of these formalities.

All tax agencies that may audit your business will ask for your corporate documentation. (Resolutions, Meeting Minutes and Stock Ledger) They want to see if you have prepared proper documentation that approves specific expenses you may have taken.

If they find “No Documentation” they will many times DISALLOW the deductions.

In fact, here are samples of some of the state’s statutes legally requiring proper documentation:


As of January 1, 1996, the Arizona Revised Statutes now require that a number of specified records be kept by or on behalf of an Arizona corporation. Any records not maintained in written form (example: computer stored) must be capable of being converted into written form within a reasonable time. The following written records must be kept:

Minutes of all meetings of the board of directors and shareholders, a record of all actions taken by them without a meeting, and a record of all actions taken by committees in place of the board of directors. A.R.S. §10-1601(A).

•Appropriate accounting records. A.R.S. § 10-1601(B).

Shareholders’ record, listing names and addresses of shareholders and numbers of shares owned of each class, alphabetically by class of shares owned. A.R.S. § 10-1601(C).

Articles of incorporation as amended or restated to date. A.R.S. § 10-1601(E)(1).

Bylaws or restated bylaws as amended to date. A.R.S. § 10-1601(E)(2).

•Any resolutions of board of directors creating classes or series of stock and fixing rights and preferences, if shares of those classes and series are outstanding. A.R.S. § 10-1601(E)(3).

•Minutes and records of shareholders’ meetings and actions for past three years. A.R.S. § 10-1601(E)(4).

•Written communications to shareholders, including financial statements, for past three years. A.R.S. § 10-1601(E)(5).

•Names and business addresses of current directors and officers. A.R.S. § 10-1601(E)(6).

•Most recent annual report delivered to the Corporation Commission. A.R.S. § 10-1601(E)(7).

Shareholders’ agreements. A.R.S. § 10-1601(E)(8).




Piercing the Corporate Veil : It is important to treat the corporation or formal association as a separate and distinct entity. Failure to do so may allow a creditor to pierce the corporate veil and subject a shareholder’s personal assets, such as bank accounts and other property, to the satisfaction of the debts and liabilities of the corporation. Note: Treating the corporation like a corporation includes, among other corporate acts, issuing stock certificates which represent share ownership, electing directors and officers, filing the biennial report, keeping annual shareholder meeting minutes and maintaining a corporate bank account and financial records.

Authorized Shares : Every corporation must issue shares of stock. Shares represent ownership of the corporation. The corporation, itself, owns the assets. The number of authorized shares is what may be issued. For example, a corporation may be authorized to issue 1,000 shares, but only issue 200. You may purchase blank stock certificates and issue them to those who own an interest in the corporation. Stock certificates can be purchased at various office product stores.




•Minn. Stat. Ann. § 332B.303(2) – “The case law that states the conditions and circumstances under which the corporate veil of a corporation may be pierced under Minnesota law also applies to limited liability companies.”








•(1) A corporation shall keep as permanent records minutes of all meetings of its shareholders and board of directors, a record of all actions taken by the shareholders or board of directors without a meeting, and a record of all actions taken by a committee of the board of directors in place of the board of directors on behalf of the corporation.

•(2) A corporation shall maintain appropriate accounting records.

•(3) A corporation or its agent shall maintain a record of its shareholders, in a form that permits preparation of a list of the names and addresses of all shareholders, in alphabetical order by class of shares showing the number and class of shares held by each.

•(4) A corporation shall maintain its records in written form or in another form capable of conversion into written form within a reasonable time.

•(5) A corporation shall keep a copy of the following records at its principal office:

(a) Its articles or restated articles of incorporation and all amendments to them currently in effect;

(b) Its bylaws or restated bylaws and all amendments to them currently in effect;

(c) Resolutions adopted by its board of directors creating one

(1) or more classes or series of shares, and fixing their relative rights, preferences, and limitations, if shares issued pursuant to those resolutions are outstanding;

(d) The minutes of all shareholders’ meetings, and records of all action taken by shareholders without a meeting, for the past three (3) years;

(e) All written communications to shareholders generally within the past three (3) years, including the financial statements furnished for the past three (3) years under section 30-1-1620, Idaho Code; and

(f) A list of the names and business addresses of its current directors and officers.

There is even a book on Piercing the Corporate Veil to assist lawyers with court cases that have been successful in doing so:

Piercing the Corporate Veil By: Stephen B Presser

This treatise helps you interpret the “piercing the veil” doctrine in any state jurisdiction or federal court. It examines differences among piercing doctrines in various state and federal courts and analyzes each state’s leading case law. Provides historical and analytical overviews of each jurisdiction’s piercing doctrine, along with alphabetical summaries of laws from each state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the federal courts, and U.S. Supreme Court. Includes common law topics and reviews issues related to limited liability companies; examines veil-piercing laws of several foreign countries.

Overview of the Book

•A guide for attorneys who are faced with multiple-jurisdiction piercing problems •Provides in-depth analysis of leading cases involving piercing •Emphasizes recent cases •Clearly explains the particular common law approach of the jurisdiction where the corporation in question is incorporated •Provides solutions to piercing problems concerning the laws of a particular jurisdiction •Helps you to formulate a rock-solid argument for your brief The following are some court cases that have looked at piercing the corporate veil:

Hollowell v. Orleans Regional Hospital

Outlining Reasons to Pierce the Corporate Veil

1998 WL 283298 (E.D. La. 1998). The court held that the “veil” afforded by the LLC form can be pierced if the LLC was acting as the “alter ego” of its members or if the members were committing fraud or deceit on third parties through the LLC. The court noted that a ruling on the veil piercing issue requires a fact-intensive review of relationships, and declined to grant summary judgment to either party. The court also noted that La. law requires focusing on the five elements:

(a) asset commingling;

(b) failure to follow statutory formalities;

(c) undercapitalization;

(d) failure to separate bank accounts and books and records; and (e) failure to hold meeting.



Tom Thumb Food Markets, Inc. v. TLH Properties, LLC

Minnesota Veil Piercing Case Law

1999 WL 31168 (Minn, App. 1999). The court applied Minnesota corporate veil piercing case law, as required by the Minnesota LLC Act.

The court ruled that the elements of veil piercing are

(a) the entity ignores corporate formalities and acts as the shareholder’s alter ego and

(b) the liability limitations of the corporate form result in injustice or are fundamentally unfair. The appellate court reversed the trial court’s veil piercing conclusion because there was no evidence that a member’s misleading statements concerning property ownership were intended to mislead the plaintiff. In addition, the court ruled that the plaintiff had “unclean hands” because its conduct contributed to the breach of lease.



Tom Hackl v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue Tax Penalties for LLC Mismanagement


Mr. and Mrs. Hackl had formed an LLC for a tree farming business. They issued ownership in the LLC as gifts to their children and other family members. The Hackls identified these transfers as tax excludable gifts in their tax return, which they would normally be. But because the Hackls had not properly structured and governed their LLC, the IRS and the Tax Court charged them hundreds of thousands of dollars of gift tax penalties.
















































































Coleman v. Coleman The $6 Million Veil Piercing

An owner of four successful businesses lost $6 million in a family dispute when his corporate veils were pierced by the court. He had ignored corporate formalities and had commingled personal and business funds.

His reasoning? He “preferred to conduct corporate business personally rather than in the corporate name, because it was more convenient than observing appropriate corporate procedures.”
















































































Falcone v. Night Watchman, Inc. Even Attorneys Can Get it Wrong

An attorney had a law firm and was also sole stockholder of a restaurant. His restaurant was sued by a supplier for nonpayment. The corporate veil was pierced and the attorney held personally responsible for the debt. He had failed to maintain proper records, officers, and compliance requirements for either his restaurant or his law firm. The veil piercing risk didn’t hit his radar screen until after he was sued – and he was a practicing attorney!

Keep the Corporate Veil Protection by maintaining your corporate formalities required by state law and avoid the messy lawsuits and tax audits.

Now for the BizDoc Software and what you will receive.


Highlights of the BizDoc Software:


Save Time & Money

•Stop wasting time with word processors and spreadsheets

•Reduce expensive attorney fees

•Other similar programs start at $25,000

Free Upgrades For Life

Risk Free Trial

Simplify & Automate

•Automatically fill out documents with stored information

•Notifications when you are missing documentation

•Pre-drafted minutes, resolutions, and corporate documents

•Easily track stock transactions

•Simple to use interface



•Keep a detailed history of stock transactions

•Save all documents in the database

•Track multiple companies with one program


Improve Data Entry & Retrieval

Enter Data Once

•Keep all corporate entity information in one place

•Print and edit all data easily

•Reduce re-entry and redundancy of data



Ten Reasons to Invest in The BizDoc Software:


1. COST A lawyer can charge more than the cost of the BizDoc Software to draft just one resolution. With the BizDoc Software you have access to hundreds of already drafted resolutions and other important corporate documents such as meeting minutes, announcements, waivers, proxies, and more.


2. THE IRS One of the first things the IRS will do in an audit of a corporation will be to ask for the corporate record book to determine whether meetings were held properly and resolutions were developed documenting the decisions of directors and shareholders. The BizDoc Software quickly takes care of these requirements.


3. INVESTORS When investors are looking to buy or invest in a corporation, they may ask to see the corporate records book. (It only makes sense to not invest in a corporation that could have its corporate status revoked.) The BizDoc Software not only creates the documents for the corporate record book but also saves documents for each corporation in the database.


4. GOING PUBLICIf the corporation goes public, investment bankers will want to see the corporate record book. The BizDoc Software produces beautifully formatted documents that will impress any investment banker.


5. IT’S THE LAW In most states maintaining corporate records is required by law.

6. IT’S A DATABASEThe BizDoc Software is not just a set of templates. It’s an extensive database that can store information for multiple corporations. Data is automatically inserted into documents and database information can be modified and saved while documents are being produced.


7. SCOPE Hundreds of companies and thousands of personnel, meetings and their attendance, stock transactions, and corporate documents can be stored in the database. This means there is little or no duplication of data and there is no need to enter the same information over and over again. The only real limitation is the amount of storage space that’s available on you computer. Corporate records, shareholders, officers, directors, professional contacts, stock transactions, and more can be found in just one place.

8. PRIVACY & SECURITYCorporate documents are not stored on the Internet or beyond your immediate access. Data files are separate from program files so the Data folder can be backed-up and stored in a secure location. You can even have the program on one network computer and the data on another.


9. EASY TO USEAll of the BizDoc Software database can be accessed from just one navigation toolbar. Context help is provided for every data entry field and access to the tutorial and user guide is easily accessible for and from the currently selected form.


10. THERE’S NO RISK Use the full version of the software 3 times with no risk. We are confident you will see the value of BizDoc Software.


BizDoc is a Windows application and not Mac compatible. A web version is under development that will run on most platforms.

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