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Standard Pro Premier Corporate Enterprise


       -- Enter reoccurring data only once

Create Documents:

       -- Internal word processor

       -- Save documents in .docx, .doc, .rtf, .html, .txt, and .xml formats

       -- Includes documentation for decisions made at a meeting

       -- Includes documentation for decisions made in lieu of a meeting

       -- General business documents (Offer of Employment, etc.)

       -- Entity related documents (Director/Manager Resolutions, etc.)

       -- Save documents to database

       -- Export documents in PDF format

       -- Data inserted automatically into documents from database

Owner Register:

       -- For entities not changing ownership often (few or no transfers)

       -- For entities that track ownership transfers

       -- Creates ownership certificates (stock, unit certificates, etc.)

       -- Modify and print certificates

       -- Print ownership reports

       -- Calculate and record ownership splits (stock, unit splits, etc.)

       -- Includes individual, groups, and company ownership

       -- Audit trail of transactions from initial offer to current certificates

       -- Follow transactions trail by double clicking certificate record

       -- View and print current and prior ownership by date,  owner, etc.

       -- Double click owner's summary to view that owner's transactions

       -- Calculate and track dividend disbursements

Input Forms

        -- Company Profile - includes company related data

       -- Business licenses - record and track licenses

       -- People Profile - links people related data to company data

       -- Titles & Responsibilities - identifies roles in each company

       -- Group Owners - ownership by more than one person, trusts, etc.)

       -- Meetings - owners, director/manager, officer meeting records

       -- Owner Register includes:

              -- Enter Transactions

              -- Dividends

              -- Owner Register - For companies that don't trade ownership

       -- Professional Resources - Resident Agent, Attorney,  etc.

       -- Create Documents - Select doc, edit, send to word processor

       -- Word Processor - Feature rich word processor

       -- Saved Documents includes:

              -- Link external documents

              -- Organize saved documents

              -- Modify categories for filtering and sorting

              -- Modified saved documents then use 'Save' or 'Save As'

       -- Export Reminders - sends events and dates to Outlook

       -- To-Do List - includes suggestions

Output Forms:

       -- Owner Register - access to reports and tools for ownership

       -- Certificates - lists all certificates, Includes filters

       -- Transactions -lists certificates in transactions, includes audit trail

Web Resources - links to laws, and government websites

Calendar -shows data from database that is date related

Security System - limits access

Network able - database can be moved to a server

Set Default Values

Help Manual including tutorial & user guide

Web Tutorial Movies

Risk Free Trial

State, territorial and provincial web links

Optional navigation tool bars for forms

Make blanket changes to data


To-Do List

Updates - accessible from owner area

Upgrades - Premier Register differences prevent upgrade

Number of days for trial period






Maximum number of computers per activation code






Maximum number of companies that can be tracked