Documents in BizDoc - Standard


These professionally styled, operational documents are included in the Standard version of BizDoc.   A sample document is included below.

  1. Agreement to Compromise Debt
  2. Agreement to Sell Business Property
  3. Bad Check Letter
  4. Bill of Sale (General Form)
  5. Bill of Sale (With Encumbrances)
  6. Bill of Sale (Without Warranties)
  7. Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicle
  8. Bill of Sale of Business
  9. Bulk Sales Affidavit
  10. Bulk Sales Agreement
  11. Confidential Information Agreement
  12. Delinquent Account Notice
  13. Delinquent Account Turned Over to Collection Notice
  14. Demand by Secured Party for Possession of Collateral - Letter
  15. Demand for Collateral - letter
  16. Demand for Goods
  17. Demand for Payment - Letter
  18. Demand on Guarantor - Letter
  19. Discharge of Security Interest
  20. Final Notice Before Legal Action - Letter
  21. Firm Offer to Sell
  22. General Release
  23. Guaranty
  24. Invention Agreement
  25. Involuntary Discharge from Employment
  26. Loan Purpose Affidavit
  27. Memorandum of Expenses
  28. Non-Compete Agreement - Employee
  29. Non-Compete Agreement (Specific Accounts) - Employee
  30. Non-Disclosure Agreement
  31. Notice - Cancel Order
  32. Notice - Disputed Balance
  33. Notice by Seller of Commencement of Performance
  34. Notice of Breach of Warranty
  35. Notice of Default - Letter
  36. Notice of Defective Goods
  37. Notice of Election to Return
  38. Notice of Non-Conforming Goods
  39. Notice of Rejection of Goods
  40. Notice That Delivery Will Not be Made
  41. Notice to Accept Non-Conforming Goods
  42. Notice to Creditors - Payment in Full
  43. Offer of Employment
  44. Receipt - General Form
  45. Receipt (Specific)
  46. Rejection Letter
  47. Request for Employment Reference
  48. Suspension Notice

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BizDoc is a Windows application and not Mac compatible. A web version is under development that will run on most platforms.

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