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If you have little time for the statutory formalities required of a business entity, BizDoc is the answer. Data can be entered once, stored, and automatically inserted into professionally styled documents including resolutions and meeting minutes. Statutory compliance will no longer be a concern. Download a Free Trial. You can also follow us on Google+.


BizDoc Features

  • * Fill in templates for organizational, operational, director, and owner documents using your own corporate records.
  • * Track ownership, certificates, and transactions.
  • * Double click a record to follow transactions from initial issue to current certificates.
  • * Track ownership for individuals, groups, and companies.
  • * Track up to three types of user defined ownership, e.g. Common, Preferred, etc.
  • * Calculate equity splits and automatically enter the transactions.
  • * Display and print ownership reports.
  • * Use common data files on Local Area Network (LAN).
  • * Install on multiple computers and access the same database using a local Server.




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red_download_btnDownload the Zip Version


BizDoc is a Windows application and not Mac compatible. A web version is under development that will run on most platforms.

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